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Tyla Schou

TJS Equestrian Services is an equine training facility located in the Perth Hills. TJSES is owned and operated by FEI Dressage rider and Off The Track Official Retrainer, Tyla Schou. TJSES offers a safe place for horses to begin their career in any chosen discipline, work through problems on the ground and under saddle, or to simply have a tune up.

Tyla has been riding since the age of 4, starting her horse journey enjoying all sorts of disciplines. In her younger years she focused on eventing with her little grey pony. At the age of 10, Tyla discovered the world of dressage. After that it has been dressage all the way. Having multiple ponies throughout her career and learning new things from each and everyone of them. At the age of 13 she got her first horse, the horse that taught her about life. This horse showed her disappointment, devastation and heartbreak, but most of all he taught her to work hard for what you want, never give up. This horse showed her the powerful feeling of success from giving it your all. She learnt that a good rider makes a good horse, you don't have to have a great horse to be a good rider. 

Tyla now rides her Hanoverian gelding which she has trained herself from Preliminary up through the grades all the way to FEI. 

With many years of experience with all types of horses, Tyla is here to help you reach your dreams and goals. 

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Correct training is the key to having a happy, healthy and sound horse. If you are unsure what the next step is or you don't feel confident to do the work yourself, TJSES is here to help and guide you. Tyla doesn't only work with horses, she works with their riders and owners too. She doesn't believe in riding in an arena day in day out doing the same thing everyday. She likes for her horses to have variety in their routine. Absolutely they need to have days where they work hard and achieve goals but the importance of not making your horses job a chore is paramount. It is fun for horse and rider to take a break and do a bit of jumping or go riding on the trails. Cross training is the best way to keep your horse fit for their job and build all muscles in the correct way with the added benefit of enjoyment.

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Teaching the basics into the owners chosen discipline. Starting from dressage basics all the way through to training the advanced dressage horse. Basics of walk trot and canter, lateral work, bush riding and poles. Maybe your horse just needs a tune up to brush up on its skills or maybe your ready for the next level and need some assistance with new movements. Being patient with the horse is key to getting results and giving reward when it is necessary. No horse will be pushed or rushed here in their training. The correct time will be taken to ensure it's done right the first time

Training is offered at TJSES or available travel to you. 


Tyla is an Off The Track Official Retrainer, helping Off The Track horses transition from racing to pleasure riding or another performance discipline. The horses are given the foundation training for experiencing everyday life in the horse world and being able to eventually work in any chosen discipline best suited to the horse. Training programs are tailored specifically for every horse that comes through to provide the best experience possible for the horses and their riders.



Respect on the ground from your horse is essential. Having basic ground manners will create a much better bond between horse and rider and ensure safety in tense situations. Knowing you will have control of your horse at all times is extremely important, especially at events where the atmosphere is a bit more uptight.

Lungeing is a key component in training your horse. All horses must know how to lunge. 

In hand lateral work is a great way to introduce new movements to horses and achieve the correct response and reaction.  


1 hour lessons available for riders of all ages and experience levels. Lessons available at TJSES or can travel. 

Lessons play a very important part in the progression of you and your horse. Sometimes you can't feel what others can see from the ground. Maybe you can't get a movement quite right and you don't know why. Thats why lessons are so important to keep you on track and help you achieve your goals. If your just starting out and need a helping hand getting into it and understanding the basics, lessons are a great idea for you.



The Emmett technique is a therapy which involves the application of light touch to create a muscle release in the surrounding area. It is simple and extremely gentle on the horse yet it is so effective. You will see instant results. Emmett eases pain and discomfort from your horse, improving their body movement and performance, even  a change in behaviour. This technique brings balance back to your horses whole body. It can help your horse with soreness from saddles, girthyness, tension in the neck back and lumbar, stiffness through the body or in their gait, uneven stride or poor performance. The emmett corrections work by assisting the horse to release their own tight muscles. There is no rubbing or massaging, it is all very gentle. The treaments are extrmely relaxing for the horse.

Tyla is a fully qualified Emmett Practitioner 


"offer them respect 

earn their trust 

build a relationship 

rejoice in love

become a team"

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McDowell Loop, Parkerville

Contact us now 0459364162

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